Our projects - Low Carbon

Greenhouse, Leeds

Detailed design for M & E Contractor, M & E project cost approx £1.5m, works completed March 2010.

The main operating philosophy of the 172 apartment residential building is to utilise low and zero carbon technologies to generate heating and hot water. A deep bore hole extracts water which is passed through refrigerant heat machines which provide heating or cooling. Excess heat generated in the summer within the apartments is extracted using the heat machines and used to heat the water. Each apartment has its own refrigerant heat pump. There are two medium scale wind turbines mounted on the roof. These provide a constant background supply of free electricity for the benefit of all the residents. Any electricity surplus feeds into the local area grid. The roof of the Greenhouse has an array of solar panels to generate hot water. Tanks below the basement car park capture and treat rain and grey water (waste from baths, showers and basins), this is then re-cycled for toilet flushing and for washing machines.